Donna-Kelly-Writes-Author-Freelance-Writer-Speaker-Theatre-CriticI’ve loved words from the first time my mother held me on her lap and showed me how to write letters on a chalkboard. My parents nurtured this love by keeping books and magazines  throughout the house, and encouraging my siblings – two sisters and a brother – and me to read them. Over the years my fascination with the stories human minds create to explain what happens in the world, and the quirky history of people around the globe, has generated poems, short stories, and book ideas. Regional folklore, the paranormal, and spiritual beliefs of mankind have long kindled my imagination.

In 2012, I set out to achieve my lifelong goal of becoming an author. Combining ideas garnered during my 15-year tenure as a newspaper journalist with a love of research and writing, I began honing my craft writing four cozy mysteries for Annie’s Publishing – Jazzed, Annie’s Attic Mysteries; Innocent Until Proven Quilty and Celtic Chains, Annie’s Quilted Mysteries; and Brass Chains, Annie’s Mysteries Unraveled. Click here for links to my published books.

My current book project, Cosmic Reverb: Spirit of the Derry Down, is based on the historic Derry Down, a listening room in Winter Haven, Florida where many noted musicians performed as teenagers.

An avid supporter of the arts and former writer-in-residence at Arts Ensemble Education Foundation, my present endeavors include serving as a theater critic for the Ledger, a daily newspaper based In Lakeland, Florida, and writing instructor at Sidestreet Studio in Winter Haven, Florida, as well as my current book project. Freelance writing for magazines and newspapers not only provides seeds for future book ideas, but feeds my interest in current events, politics, and people from all walks of life.

My favorite pastimes include reading, traveling, studying Irish history, observing marsh wildlife from my back deck, and listening to jazz music with my musician husband, while Bellamy, our much-loved cat, sleeps at our feet.

My two grown children, Elizabeth and Corbin, continue to amaze and inspire me.