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Read a blurb about Donna’s current project, Cosmic Reverb: Spirit of the Derry Down, a slightly paranormal novel revolving around the listening room in Winter Haven, Florida where several notable musicians – Jim Stafford, Jon Corneal, Jim Carlton, and the late Gram Parsons – honed their talents in the 1960s.

Jazzed, Annie’s Attic Mysteries



The discovery of old black and white photo negatives, hidden behind the portrait of her grandparents in the family home, sends widow, knitter, and amateur sleuth Annie Dawson and her friends headlong into a new mystery. Once the negatives are developed, Annie is surprised to find professional quality photos of jazz greats from the 1940s. She’s intrigued by a photo of an unknown, beautiful sultry blonde. Who is this mystery vocalist? Did she know her grandparents? And why were the negatives hidden?

When Annie and her friends, Alice and Kate, travel to New York City to attend a fiber arts conference, they soon find themselves browsing the conference hall by day and tracking down the answers to these questions by night. As the three women get closer to identifying the young woman in the photo, they stir up excitement, romance, and danger. Why is someone going to such violent lengths to prevent them from identifying the singer? Will the trio survive the trip to the Big Apple?

Reader reviews:

“Jazzed creates a feeling of friendship in a small town. You are pulled right in. The mystery is where the wonderful writing comes in at. I can see myself searching for the clues; sitting in the smokey, dim club; listening to the soulful music.” – Linda Bryant Mooney, Winter Haven, Florida

“My wife used to read a book every 2 days, but she had a stroke and is almost blind. Every morning, I made us a cup of coffee and read a chapter of Jazzed to her. We both enjoyed that time together, and looked forward to it. Each chapter ended with suspense. We were the age of Annie’s Grandparents. I was a trombone player and went to the City frequently in the early 1950s. Even though the author changed the name of the club, I knew I had been there many times. Donna Kelly masterfully wove an intriguing tale of suspense, mystery, and romance. It was fun to share that part of the City, and time, with my wife. We are 83 years young. We highly recommend this book to any age.” – Jack Elbon, Kissimmee, Florida

Innocent Until Proven Quilty, Annie’s Quilted Mysteries



Emma Cotton and Kelly Grace, the owners of Cotton and Grace quilt design shop in Mystic Harbor, Massachusetts, find mystery in a museum as they investigate the next suspect on the list, Vanessa Nelson. Now an assistant curator at a prestigious Boston art museum, Vanessa may have been involved in the death of their friend Rose and was one of the last to see her alive.

They discover Vanessa has been accused of stealing an exquisite painting from the museum and has been dismissed from her position. She seems like the kind of person accustomed to living on the wrong side of the law. Could she be both a thief and a murderer?

Enlisting the aid of Emma’s Aunt, Dottie Faye Sinclair and Kelly’s mother, Maeve Quigley, the business partners go undercover at the museum in hopes of finding a link between the theft of a priceless work of art and a fifteen-year-old unsolved death.

To gain Vanessa’s cooperation, Emma and Kelly must solve the mystery of the museum heist before they can move forward in their quest to discover the true identity of Rose’s killer. Will that journey once again throw their lives into mortal danger?

Reader reviews:

“…full of description. The scenery is painted out for you so you can actually see, in your mind’s eye, the locations and events taking place – the house in Salem, the vivacious Aunt Dottie. Sit down, have a cup of tea and enjoy your reading.” – Linda Bryant Mooney, Winter Haven, Florida

“This book was a refreshing read and I enjoyed the art museum spin on the mystery!” – Clair Green-Schwartz, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky  

Celtic Chains, Annie’s Quilted Mysteries



Continuing their 15-year quest to find the truth behind the death of their friend, Rose Peterson, business partners Emma Cotton and Kelly Grace enlist the aid of Kelly’s Irish-born mother, Maeve Quigley, and travel to Ireland to track down their latest suspect, textile company owner Liam Gallagher. As they embark on what becomes a struggle to avoid danger, Emma’s aunt, Dottie Fay Sinclair, grudgingly stays behind to mind Cotton and Grace Quilt Design shop in Mystic Harbor, Massachusetts.

While Emma and Kelly drive to Dublin to confront the elusive Gallagher, Maeve stays behind in Merrow to catch up with family still living in the village where she was born. She strikes up a friendship with a hermit named Mick during a bicycle ride on the beach. After inviting her to his cottage for tea, the old man tells stories of Maeve’s father and hints of dark secrets of his past, revealing a decades-long vendetta between three Irish Republican families.

Dottie Faye’s unannounced arrival in Ireland is one of a string of surprises, including a series of strange events seemingly connected to her fascination with Irish folklore, most notably the banshee and pooka. When Mick is found dead in his cottage, evidence points to Maeve as his murderer. With Maeve confined to Merrow, Emma, Kelly, and Dottie Faye traverse across the Emerald Isle in search of two killers. Who is behind the deaths of Rose and Mick? Why are their lives threatened as they seek the truth for Rose and Maeve?

Reader reviews:

“Every reader will relate to at least one of Donna’s characters. The background scenery of Ireland is brought to life in this book and if you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself in some of the locations.” – Linda Bryant Mooney, Winter Haven, Florida

“This is book is, by far, my favorite of Donna Kelly’s books!  Although the reader has read about the characters for several books, this episode shows us parts of their heritage as well as their personalities!  I also love that this book takes place outside the United States!” – Clair Green-Schwartz, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

“Highly recommended reading! You will feel right at home with the characters Donna Kelly created. You’ll be in their time and place thanks to her wonderful attention to detail. Never been to Ireland? Donna takes you on a pleasurable and eventful trip to the Emerald Isle! Enjoyable reading!” – Kathy Girouard, Winter Haven, Florida

Brass Chains, Annie’s Mysteries Unraveled



Kate Stevens is surprised to see the smiling face of her former flame, New York based jazz trumpeter and band leader Cole Cutchins, on a club marquee in Fort Worth, Texas. She’s more shocked when he is accused of murdering a fellow musician shortly after their reunion at the club.

Torn between her growing affection for Fort Worth Police Detective Peter Matthews and her revived feelings for Cole, Kate feels drawn to prove the musician’s innocence. The Cole she met several years ago while visiting New York City wasn’t capable of murder. Could the affable, sweet man she knew have turned into a cold-blooded killer? Fearing Peter’s feelings for Kate may be affecting his professional judgment, she enlists her best friend, Vivi Lawrence, to help her uncover the truth.

The two friends soon find themselves pulled from the quiet bedroom community of Sage Hills and thrust into the seamy and dangerous world of Fort Worth’s nightlife as they gather clues to help solve this mystery.

Meanwhile, Kate is asked to design a special crocheted wedding gown for a mysterious, high-profile client. Who is this anonymous bride-to-be, and why is someone trying to prevent the dress from being created?

Follow Kate and Vivi as they negotiate the labyrinth that is the jazz world in their desperate attempt to reveal whether or not Cole should be able to remain onstage and out of brass chains.

Reader reviews:

“…a mixture of southern charm and mystery. Donna has a way of pulling the reader in and making them feel a part of the story.” – Linda Bryant Mooney, Winter Haven, Florida

“I love strong, confident heroines who not only go after their dreams, but who also tell controlling men, nicely of course, where to stick it!” – Clair Green-Schwartz, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

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