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Music and Memories: The Magic of the Derry Down

One brief moment, caught in slow motion between a crumbling historical landmark and music echoing from a temporary stage, connected the past and present. Experience the magic of the moment as author and journalist Donna Kelly shares what captivated her outside the old Derry Down, a humble building in Central Florida where the careers of many musicians were rooted; reveals the birth of a career-changing book idea; and makes a heartfelt explanation of why an old storage shed with ties to music legend Gram Parsons deserves to be saved for future generations. Once caught up in the story, you might hear the cosmic reverberation from 1964!

So You Want to Write a Book…

“Will you tell me how to write a book?” The question is posed to many published authors – from frequent inhabitants of the New York Times Bestseller Lists to the writer publishing her first book. The query comes in variations from acquaintances, friends of friends, total strangers waiting to be seated in restaurants, and former classmates not seen since high school. Because authors can’t possibly address the question in the time it takes to check out in a store or be seated at a restaurant, author and journalist Donna Kelly provides answers with a series of questions of her own and leads would-be authors on a path to self-discovery. Join other aspiring authors as they define their dreams and begin their journey to publication!

Bonbons, Champagne, and Strange Conversations: Confessions of an Eccentric Author

Have you met Stephen King? Do you travel to all of the places you write about in books? Do your characters talk to you? Where do you get your book ideas? Donna Kelly of Central Florida offers a humorous glimpse into the life of a published author by answering questions she’s frequently asked at the grocery store, parties, and while getting her hair cut. Reality is far from the portrayal of authors in movies – it’s better!

I’m Not Retiring! Creating Your Dream Life After 50

Central Florida author Donna Kelly was just shy of 52 years old when she let go of her career as a newspaper reporter to chase the dream she’d had since childhood. She became a published author. Is it easy? Hardly. Worth it? Absolutely. Discover how she found the courage to risk her career and why it’s the best change she’s ever made. Perhaps it’s time for you to make a prime-time change!

A few testimonials…

“Our members were both inspired and empowered by Donna Kelly’s performance on our panel and subsequent discussion of writing options and techniques.  Her ability to connect with professionals interested in sharing their expertise, but lacking the confidence and courage to do so, resulted in greater article submission to our internal magazine and our past president took that final step to become a local newspaper real estate columnist!  I hope that (Donna) will return to inspire and instruct our newest professionals soon.” 
– Carol K. Platt, CRB, e-Pro, AHWD
Association Executive/Governmental Affairs Director
Osceola County Association of REALTORS, Inc.

“I was amazed at how calm and unruffled you were standing up there. I would be nervous, but you didn’t seem to be. I can’t write the way you do. I never know where my stories will take me! But it was interesting to see how you did it and to see that some writers needed to hear just what you presented.” 
– Karen Campbell Prough, Writer

“I enjoyed it very much as well! I got some really good ideas and felt encouraged too!” 
– April Mitchell Whitt, Author